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Thinking of you and wishing you the BEST of luck in your new endeavor! We have SO enjoyed having you a part of Create with Connie and Mary Design Team and lucky to meet you in person at Convention! Hoping we can somehow meet again some day! Take care!

You will be brilliant, my friend.

Xoxo B.

Best of luck my friend. Your opening paragraph was so me as well. Failure is so hard and I think I limit myself because of my fear of it. I wish you the best in this leap of faith! Hugs!

OMGoodness Jenn. I bet you have had many sleepless nights reaching your decision. Good on you for taking the leap. In life we travel down many roads and sometimes we get round a corner and see a whole new world. You were my first ever swappee (UStamp) and for a girl in New Zealand it was fairly daunting swapping with a designer but you made it magical. I still have your swaps in fact just the other day I was looking at them and thinking of you... All the best for the future and I wish you and your family Happy Holidays

Was dreading this cause I thought I had a nightmare and had only imagined this...but really I wish you all the success in the world no matter what you do...I'll just be sad not to see your beautiful face at convention.
Now you're gonna have to come to AZ.

Love you, my sweet friend,

Oh my....I cannot WAIT to hear what you'll be up to! Whatever it is, I know you'll be awesome doing it! ♥

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