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Ernie. I loved when he sang about his "Rubber Ducky." I love your Sesame Street cards! Your Big Bird one really rocks! I also loved Snuffy. He wasn't on every episode, so it made me really treasure when he was on.

This is just darn cute!

I loved snuffy! Love all your punch cards! Saw them on SCS and followed the link over to your blog. Thanks for posting the instructions for the punches you used. Love how you made them circle cards!

Not having any kids, Sesame Street didn't fly high on my radar screen, however if I have to choose a character I'd say Big Bird. I loved all those bright yellow plumes and the striped scarf, and how big and bold he was.

As a child I loved the big dog...I can't even think of his name. When my 14 year old was 1 she was a big Elmo fan, that was the year of the Tickle Me Elmo mania. We still have that Elmo, her 2 and 4 year old sisters have it now.

My favorite Sesame Street Character is Oscar. Several years ago (the daughters that went with me are all mothers now) my daughters and I had the opportunity to go backstage at a Sesame Street Live event. I mentioned that Oscar was my favorite character, he heard me say it and gave me a hug.

Grover rocked it for me.

I wish I could be more original, but Snuffaluffagus was mine too. Although Grover was pretty cool too, I loved the 'SuperGrover' sketches.

I love Cookie Monster!....and Ernie! I used to have an Ernie puppet. Love the cards you are coming up with!

It's Elmo for me! I just love the way he makes you want to snuggle up with him.

i liked me snuffleupagous...liked the long eye lashes...

I would pick Oscar as well....mostly because I was so intrigued by all the things he had in his can. Like, how does an elephant, swimming pool and all the other stuff fit in there? I also loved Barclay the big orange dog...how did he disappear behind those trees like that???? I always thought his name was Broccoli.

Thanks for making me remember all that!!! Seems like yesterday.....

So many to choose from....Cookie Monster wins today.

I love Snuffleupagas aka Snuffy! He is just too cute with his big eyes!

Surprising enough I've never been a big Sesame Street fan...it was one show that DS never cared for either. Go figure!! I guess if I had to chose a favorite character, I'd say Elmo. I loved the first "Tickle Me Elmo" toy that they used to have.

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